EPEAT Services


EPEAT and the IEEE 1680 family of standards are environmental standards to assist in the procurement of more environmentally friendly IT products in a transparent manner. EPEAT follows a “Trust but Verify” registration model that requires subscribers to the EPEAT program to understand and implement certain product and corporate environmental criteria. They also must pass a post-registration verification wherein subscribers must provide details as to how they and/or their product’s are conformant to the IEEE 1680 standard. It is important that processes and procedures are in place during the design of registered products that assure that the standard is being met.

Schaffer Environmental provides a variety of services to manufacturers to assist their efforts in EPEAT enablement, assessment, verification, training and supportive testing. A “base” level EPEAT enablement assessment program, verification simulations, registration assistance and other typical services are outlined below. If you need additional or a combination of services related to EPEAT, please contact Schaffer Environmental.

1. Quick EPEAT Readiness Evaluation

2. Detailed EPEAT Enablement Evaluation and Assessment

3. Verification Simulation

4. EPEAT Education/Enablement Training

5. Act as corporate contact on EPEAT.net

6. Assist with Corporate and Product Registrations on EPEAT.net

7. Provide Formal EPEAT Verification Round Assistance

8. Additional EPEAT Services

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