IEEE approves 1680 Revision

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IEEE has approved the revision of the original EPEAT standard – IEEE 1680-2006.  See the announcement here.

What this does is create a 1680 “Umbrella” standard (IEEE 1680) that contains the general procedures of environmental assessment of electronic products as well as allows for the creation of IEEE 1680.X environmental criteria standards for various products.  The first of those is the 1680.1 standard (IEEE 1680.1 – Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, Including Notebook Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Displays).  This standard contains the 51 environmental criteria that apply to a specific set of electronic products – personal computers (notebooks, desktops) and computer displays that were in the original IEEE 1680:2006 standard that has been operation since July 2006.  The 1680.1 standard does contain the “revisions and interpretation clarifications” that were considered to be non-substantial changes such as establishing thresholds for minimum packaging sizes in addition to grammatical and formatting fixes.