Summer Imaging Subgroup Update

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Environmentally Sensitive Materials: Materials experts have joined recent calls and provided input; September meetings will focus on organohalogens.

Materials Selection: Investigating recycled plastics and bio-based materials, policies.  Focusing on criteria for recycled plastics.

Design for End of Life/Product Logevity: Focusing on Design for EOL.  Reviewed currently existing ecolabels in the market with general agreement that Blue Angel methodology is the leading standard for environmental design criteria.  Forming discussion groups on disassembly criteria.

Energy Conservation: Discussing embodied energy and stand-by energy criterion.

EOL Mangement: Conducting webinars on R2 and e-Stewards.  Developing equivalency guidelines for potential inclusion in standard.

Corporate Performance: Discussion of various proposed criteria including GHS/carbon reporting, EICC, water disclosure, OHSA 18001.

Packaging: Reviewing first 4 criteria of existing 1680.1 standard and identifying additional information needs.

Consumables: Early in criteria development – use of recycled paper, remanufactured cartridges, materials selection, warranties, longevity etc.

Indoor Air Quality: Investigating GreenGuard, EU methods and types of data used by each.