EPEAT June Update

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EPEAT has been moving forward this summer with much interest and participation from our multistakeholder group.  Both the Imaging and Television development teams are hard at work in many subcommittees (and too many calls to keep track of, sometimes!) beginning work on the development of both unique and common criteria.  At the same time, the non-sustantive changes to the IEEE 1680 computer standard have been completed and are now being reballoted.  Once the reballoting is complete (June 29th), as long as the voting is for approval, there will be an IEEE 1680 Umbrella standard and the IEEE 1680.1 Computer standard during the end of 2009 or very early 2010.  Additionally, the 1680.1 computer standard will be open for full revision to the working group most likely in September 2009.  It is expected that this will be at least a year long (if not longer) process where all criteria will be examined.  Potential common criteria are already under development by Imaging and Televisions and computer working group members can already join those groups though there is a lot of cross over amongst the teams so, in most cases, computers are already being represented.

Imaging Working Group Update: The last WG call was 6.25.09 where we had presentations on EUP and the work EPEAT/GEC is doing for branding.   There will also be a LCA Webinar as that has been requested by many – there has been much discussion as how to include LCA considerations in EPEAT but a greater understanding is needed.

Subgroups also reported out.  5 of the 11 groups have merged, or will soon merge, with the Television subgroups – EOL Management, Materials Selection, Packaging, Corporate Performance, and Environmentally Sensitive Materials.  At the July meeting, subgroups will begin with more detailed report outs and potential criteria for full working group discussions.

Television Working Group: This group met 6.23.09.  It was a very similar meeting to the Imaging WG in that we discussed the need for the LCA webinar and were given a presentation on the Consumer Visibility that GEC/EPEAT is now working on.  Most TV subgroups have met several times now and 5 of these groups are merged with their corresponding Imaging subgroups to develop common criteria and determine the need for any product-specific criteria.  Some key topic for the subgroups include R2 and E-stewards recycling standards, the inclusion of manufacturing chemicals in EPEAT,  use of ENERGY STAR and how it is communicated to the market.

Other notes of interest:

1. Verification Round 4 has begun for computer manufacturers.  It is the goal of EPEAT to conduct 4 verification rounds each year and this is the second for 2009.

2. Small Business Resources, including the Schaffer Environmetnal Training Webinars, are now available.

3. The next GEC Board of Advisors meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 2009 in Austin, Texas.  The Board of Advisors meeting is open to the public, in case you are interested in attending!