EPEAT Working group updates

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Imaging Work Group

The subgroups for the EPEAT Imaging workgroup have formed and will be meeting over the next two weeks.  Subgroups have formed for each of the 8 existing EPEAT categories.  In addition, 2 additional potential categories have formed groups – consumables and emissions/air quality.  Also, a product definitions group has formed to define the different products that will be included in the scope of the standard.

The main task for the subgroups will initially be to identify possible criteria that are common across the existing and potential EPEAT standards – Computers, Imaging and Televisions.   From there, subgroups will focus on developing and/or modifying criteria and building consensus among the stakeholders prior to draft criteria being circulated to the full working group for voting.

Television Studygroup

The primary goal of the TV studygroup is to develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and then vote to accept or reject this PAR.  It has been decided that a 75% approval/acceptance will be required to approve the PAR and establish a TV Workgroup that would then be tasked with developing the EPEAT criteria.

The PAR is basically finalized though there are a few more questions that the study group chairs are investigating and will report back to the group at the next meeting.  It is anticipated that a vote on the PAR will occur at the next study group meeting in April.

Other Information

A face to face meeting will take play June 8 and 9 in Washington DC for both the Imaging and TV groups as part of the development of the criteria for each standard.

EPEAT Group on LinkedIn started last week.   Looking to have some good, open discussions about EPEAT and GEC.