EPEAT Update

Posted by on February 9, 2009 in EPEAT | Comments Off on EPEAT Update

Currently, there are three working groups for EPEAT that have been formed to update the IEEE 1680 standard.  Details for each group can be found here.

1. Computer/IT Workgroup:  This group formed in 2008 to expand the scope of products covered by IEEE standard.  As such, the creation of an umbrella IEEE 1680 standard was undertaken, completed and is in process of being balloted by the IEEE standards association.   The umbrella standard includes the rules of how EPEAT operates (bronze, silver, gold levels) and removes the criteria for IT products by placing them into a newly created, separate standard IEEE 1680.1.

The IEEE 1680.1 standard contains the original IEEE 1680 criteria for desktops, notebooks and monitors with minor modification and interpretations as approved by the working group.  The IEEE 1680.1 standard has just been approved to be balloted by the IEEE standards association.

2. Imaging Workgroup:  This group met at an initial meeting in early 2008 and agreed to form a workgroup.  This group formally formed at the end of 2008 to create the IEEE 1680.2 standard for Imaging devices.  This workgroup is in the final stages of developing the project authorization request (PAR) that initiates the formal request to IEEE to begin development of the standard itself.

3. Television Studygroup:  This group met at an initial meeting in early 2008 and agreed to form a studygroup.  This studygroup has the charter of determining whether or not an EPEAT standard for Televisions should be developed.  This group has also met several times and appears to be on track to becoming a formal workgroup and develop the PAR to form the IEEE 1680.3 standard for televisions.

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